Why is SnapzSnapz Photo Booth Dallas, Fort Worth’s Best Photo Booth

As a wedding photographer for over 12 years in the Dallas Fort Worth area, when I decided that photo booths were too much fun not to have one, I set out to create the very best Photo Booth for weddings and events in Dallas Fort Worth.

I pulled all the best features from different booths and then designed my own booth creating a unique booth experience.
Some of the top features are:

1  Size- When I was researching photo booths for the design parameters I wanted for my booth I sat in as many booths as I could and the one thing that I noticed over and over was they were two small, barely fitting two people uncomfortably. I want people to have fun not worry about fitting while getting  in and out.
So I built my booth Texas Sized at 4 feet wide not the usual 2.5-3

2. Bigger Images– All photo booths print on a 4×6 piece of paper. Those that print duplicates print on a 2×3 piece of paper (twice) so you can see while duplicates sound good they are actually 50% smaller.

I chose larger formats and on those occasions where duplicates are needed for a Scrapbook we just ask guests to do the booth twice, once for the book and once for themselves. Not all events need a scrapbook so why print small duplicate prints for every event?

3. Beautiful cloth backgrounds, Black and White, Red, Purple and Blue or custom backgrounds are available for clean beautiful images.

These are just the top 3 reasons for choosing SnapzSnapz Photo Booth and brides constantly seem to agree.

Give us a shout and we can get you in the calendar today

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