Will & Alyssa add a Photo Booth to their Rough Creek Lodge Wedding

The “Alvarez” sisters are now all married, and both had a great photo booth for their Rough Creek Lodge Weddings. SnapzSnapz loves to load up the booth and take it to events away from the DFW area. Congratulations Will & Alyssa. Here are a few great images and the rest can be found HERE with […]

Ryan+Allison+Fort Worth Photo Booth Goes To Rough Creek Lodge

Took a little drive down south for another fabulous Wedding reception for Allison and Ryan at the always great Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose. This venue pays so much attention to detail that even the guest computers desktops have pictures of Ryan & Allison as their desktop or background. As soon as the guests […]

Ashli’s Rough Creek Lodge Fort Worth Photo Booth.

Rough Creek Lodge, one of the best destination wedding venues we have been to (twice now), was the scene of this weekends Photo Booth Wedding Reception as Ashli and Jason celebrated their union with family and friends. Rough Creek Wedding Consultant Brenda Weaver and her staff did a wonderful job. The line for the booth […]