Logos On The Prints-Samples From Dallas Fort Worth Photo Booth

Since the two booths I have use two different software programs the logo and print options are different for each. Here is a sampling of both booths.


Some Strip options for the White Booth.


Logo Samples for […]

Hillary & Kurt-A Granbury Wedding Event

For the second time in a year SnapzSnapz photo booth headed Southwest to the Wonderful Granbury Resort Conference Center. The Center’s Boardwalk is a perfect background for a moonlight stroll basking in the first hours of being married or Popping in to a SnapzSnapz Photo Booth, both are great fun. The Rest Are Here

Print Options and Live View

One of the great features of a SnapzSnapz photo booth is the options a person can make EACH and EVERY TIME they enter the booth, the competition offers the choice but it has to be set up in advance for the whole night or event. 1 The 3 image format is larger 2. The 4 […]

Three Printer Formats

SnapzSnapz photo booths are different than the competition in that you are not limited to just one printer format. Each time the Photo Booth is entered the user is presented with a choice of printer formats to choose from. 1 The three pose format with larger images. 2.A four pose format leaves room for a […]