SnapzSnapz VS The Competition

With the Dallas, Fort Worth wedding season now into full bloom, I thought I would take a moment to point out some of the major differences between SnapzSnapz photo booth and much of the competition in the DFW Area.

1. “LIVE VIEW” by far the best comment from people who experience SnapzSnapz is that they have been in other photo booths at other events but the SnapzSnapz experience is more interactive and therefore more fun.

While the “others” are satisfied with only a number countdown on the screen, SnapzSnapz provides you with a mirror image of what the camera sees and this allows you to frame yourself and see your expressions, within minutes of the first client entering the booth waves of laughter begin.

2. As a Photographer I designed my photo booth to have clean non-distractive backgrounds using cloth that can be interchanged, I am amazed at some of the backgrounds of the competition.


3. Print Format—Most all the photo booths offer unlimited prints so why double up and print two strips on the same piece of paper? Yea its great if you have scissors and want to share but my thinking is just go through the booth process again, have twice the fun and get a print that uses the images bigger. This also allows for different print formats which you choose each and every time you enter the snapzsnapz booth.

The Competition

The Competition



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