Fort Worth Photo Booth Is Fully Insured+Dallas Photo Booth

SnapzSnapz Photo Booth has been insured with business liability since the spring but a fellow small business man pointed out I NEED TO BRAG ABOUT IT.

So I am.  More and more of the wedding venues are requiring all the vendors who come on their property to be insured and provide proof of coverage.

In fact as a bride or the person in charge of a party the first question you need to ask a venue when considering their location is if they do indeed require this.

I have found many venues require it, but don’t tell the brides they need to hire insured vendors. Then at about a week or so before the wedding, they get a list of your vendors and go to them asking for proof of insurance. If they don’t, well a new vendor is required and who needs the stress of doing that a week before the wedding.

Plus many times it will be impossible to find another vendor that fast who is available…and you shouldn’t have to.

So long story short ASK YOUR VENUE IF VENDORS NEED TO HAVE INSURANCE and then hire accordingly.

SnapzSnapz is fully Insured and Ready to go.

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