Duplicate Prints equal small images

If a booth does duplicate Prints it means that half of the paper print (4×6 in this case) is devoted to duplicating the same images which results in smaller images- (think postage stamp).
I am also a photographer and I didn’t like that, I wanted the emotions and facial expressions to power through to create the best Photo Strip available.

Duplicate Strips are for scrapbooks or groups of Two persons only, so each person has a strip
What if a Client is not doing a scrapbook or if in many case there are more than two in the booth?

In those cases you don’t need duplicates and the larger images are best.
It takes a min to min and half to do a photo booth session we advise people to go more than onceā€¦have more fun!

What about scrapbooks you say..thats why I want duplicate prints dag gum it.

Have no fear each time a person enters a SnapzSnapz photo booth they can choose among 3 formats of prints. Either 3 images (super large Images), 4 images with white space for writing and 6 images for just more fun (teenagers love this)


For our scrapbook option we advise people to do a session for the book then stay and do one for themselves and the problem is solve with larger images to boot! People are going to use the booth more than once in fact at the last wedding many used the booth 4-5 times since it is such a big hit.

We also provide an assistant to take the prints from guests, help them with writing a message and then paste it into the book on a page, add some scrap book decorations and whalla a great scrapbook.

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