Bry and Jared exchange Valentines Vows.

After a snowy last few days SnapzSnapz Photo Booth headed out to A & M Gardens in Azle, Tx (near Fort Worth ) for the very special Valentines Day Wedding and Reception of Bry and Jared. Hard to say if the kids liked the candy table or the photo booth more but I am inclined to say the booth won.

The facility was all decked out and the addition of a photo booth from SnapzSnapz was all that was needed for the finishing touch.

Some of the Snapz below

More of the Snapz







1 comment to Bry and Jared exchange Valentines Vows.

  • This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen at a wedding. I’ve heard of photo booths before, but this was my first chance to experience it. I know bride and grooms always give out favors, but how many weddings do you actually leave with a memento you want to put up on your wall? This is so typical of Bry and Jared to be way uber cooler than I am! What a beautiful wedding it was!

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