TDCAA Gathering-Dallas Photo Booth

Members of the Texas District & County Attorneys Association gathered in Dallas for a 2012 Key Personnel and Victim Assistance Coordinator Seminar and opening day started with a informal gathering for some social networking. SnapzSnapz photo booth was asked to join in and add some fun to the night. Below are a few great ones […]

Fort Worth photo booth adds fun to 13th birthday party in Irving, Tx

Birthday parties are a blast! Music, cake, dancing and with a SnapzSnapz photo booth, pictures with all your friends. Saturday was no exception as SnapzSnapz photo booth set up at the Georgia Farrow Recreation Center in Irving for Alia’s 13th birthday party and celebration. Here are a few great images from the night and the […]

Journey Kidz Fall Festival-Waco Photo Booth

Had a blast driving down to Waco for the 2012 Journey Kidz Fall Festival sponsored by Journey Christian Community. The parking lot was transferred into a fun lot with food, games, a bounce house and candy. Add a Photo Booth from Fort Worth to take and printout pictures from the night of the kids in […]