Heritage Elem Spring Fling II- Fort Worths Best Photo Booth

Repeat jobs are great, I love em! Thats what we did Friday April, 29 at Heritage Elem’s Annual Spring Fling, and the kids had a great time singing Karaoke, playing Wii, Dancing to Dance Dance Revolution on a giant screen and grabbing their best bud and taking a picture in the Dallas Fort Worth’s Funnest […]

Grandview H.S.Project Celebration-Dallas Fort Worth Photo Booth

Took a visit to my ole High School stopping grounds to Grandview Tx for the high school’s Project Celebration. I didn’t know being locked up in gym with would be so fun. The kids were great all showing hair styles from the prom earlier in the night as soon as they entered they went straight […]

Good To Know

Wolford Elementary Spring Carnival-McKinney, Tx-Dallas Photo Booth

The Wolford Elementary PTA held their “Spring Carnival” friday and invited SnapzSnapz along for photographic memories. There were a lot of great activities for all the kids I am sure they had a blast! Here are some great ones and the rest are Here you will need the password that is on the prints.

Welcome Race Fans-Texpo 2011- Fort Worth Photo Booth

The Alliance of Texas Treasury Associations, or ATTA, is a non-profit organization that brings together five regional Treasury associations – Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. ATTA is dedicated to improving treasury management through education and communication. ATTA is the sponsor of TEXPO 2011, an annual conference that draws attendees from across the […]