I Wanna See!-Dallas Bar Mitzvah Photo booth

A fun photo from a recent Bar Mitzvah, that proved that a Photo Booth is loads of fun at parties be them Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen or even birthday parties. A Photo from a Photo Booth will give your guests something to take back home with them and treasure.


Ahh Mom! Geesh

Software Interaction

Dallas Fort Worth’s newest photo booth is full of little details that help it stand out from the rest. Like for instance multiple printer formats, just choose your format, then your color or black and white choice and the fun begins. Another cutting edge feature is Live View which lets you see the image that […]

Uhh what are they doing?

Photo booth time lapse coolness

This is what happens when you take all the images from an recent Arlington Photo Booth Bar Mitzvah event and make a movie with them.